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    Car Accidents

    Why us?

    Why Us

    At the Salinas Law Firm, personal legal attention from a Houston Car Accident lawyer is always just a phone call away. Whether it’s to learn the status of your case, to exchange information or just for a moment of reassurance, we know that communicating with your attorney is important. As a small firm, we are able to focus our energy on every case we take; as a firm who emphasizes the utilization of advanced technology, we can provide clients with the same quality of service as large firms. We help clients throughout Houston and its surrounding areas and throughout the state of Texas.

    Being involved in a car accident can be a life-changing experience. The underlying physical, mental, and emotional effects of a accident could remain with you for the rest of your life. We have always recognized that each client has only one case, and to that client, that case is the most important, the most urgent thing in his or her life. We treat each and every case that way. Our clients’ calls and emails are important to us. Every moment we spend speaking with our client gives us greater insight into their legal needs, ultimately helping us achieve a better settlement result that you deserve.

    Why Us

    Our Houston Car Accident Lawyer can work your case on a contingency fee basis. For example, if a negligent driver has injured you in an auto accident, we can represent you with no out of pocket costs. We only get paid if there is a successful money settlement or jury award regarding your car accident. Most car accident claims in Houston are handled by law firms with few attorneys and many secretaries. To keep up with the high volume of new cases, these firms are forced to delegate very important stages of your car accident claim to secretaries and paralegals who may or may not have the experience and qualifications needed to effectively investigate and maximize the value of your claim. At the Salinas Law Firm, a licensed Houston car accident attorney handles all stages of the claim from the intake all the way through the settlement or verdict. Our Houston Car Accident Lawyer uniquely tailors his approach for each of his clients because no two car accidents are the same.

    When you’re injured in an accident, it’s essential to get treated by a doctor and seek legal advice immediately. These are two vital steps for protecting your right to compensation after a crash.

    While you seek treatment and recover from your injuries, your lawyer will handle all of the legal legwork required to pursue a claim for compensation. Your lawyer will contact the at-fault driver’s insurance company to obtain a copy of their auto insurance policy. Your attorney will also review your own policy to determine all compensation options available to you.

    Along with identifying all potentially liable parties, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into your accident. Your legal team will collect a variety of evidence to support your claim, including:

    Police Accident Reports

    Witness Statements

    Photos of the Accident Scene

    Video Surveillance of the Accident

    Cellphone Records

    Your Medical Records

    Photos of Your Injuries

    An experienced attorney will know what information and documentation insurance adjusters look for when evaluating an injury claim. Your lawyer will fight for a full and fair settlement, but be prepared to take your case to trial if a settlement cannot be reached.

    If you are unfamiliar with insurance policies and auto accident claims, you may be taken advantage of by the insurance adjuster. A person without legal representation will often be offered a much lower settlement than someone with an experienced attorney on their side.

    To learn how our Houston Car Accident Attorney can help you, please contact us today. The consultation is free, and there is no charge unless we win money for you.

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