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    Oilfield Accidents

    Houston Oilfield Accidents Lawyers

    The oil and gas industry has been a staple in the Texas economy for decades. The oil and gas industry employs tens of thousands of workers across Texas, but these jobs are not without risks. The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in because of the materials, tools, and machinery involved. However, just because a job is dangerous doesn’t mean workers aren’t entitled to a safe workplace. The oil and gas industry injures thousands of workers each year, and the vast majority of these accidents are caused by employer negligence.

    Some of the most common oilfield accidents include:

    • Oilfield truck accidents
    • Falls from oil rigs
    • Rig Collapses
    • Blowouts and explosions
    • Fires
    • Exposure to toxic chemicals
    • Electrocutions
    • Being struck by equipment or debris
    • Vibration injuries

    Houston Oilfield Accidents Lawyers

    Oilfield workers earn every cent of their income by doing some of the most difficult occupations every day. When numerous concerns develop, severe injuries and death are tragically common, according to data. During a two-year period, 349 severe injuries occurred in jobs related to support activities for oil and gas production. The building of oil and gas pipelines resulted in the deaths of 95 people.

    Workers will miss time from work if they are injured while executing their duties. If you don’t work in the oilfield, you won’t get paid. That’s when Texas accident Law Firm, a firm with oilfield injury attorneys Houston eager to fight for compensation, steps in.

    The rising demand for crude oil and natural gas has put oilfield employees in perilous situations since drilling activity has expanded too quickly to meet safety requirements. Personal injury claims from oilfield employees have been on the rise, with 24 individuals killed in ten separate occurrences as a result of multiple-fatal work injuries.

    Transportation-related incidents accounted for more than half of these deaths, while fires and explosions accounted for a third.

    Oilfield accidents in Houston are caused by a variety of factors.

    In the oil and gas extraction sector, there are possibly numerous reasons for worker accidents. The following are some of the most common causes of job injuries among oil and gas workers:

    • Inadequate education
    • Insufficient upkeep
    • Chemicals that have been improperly kept
    • Inadequate inspections
    • Ineffective communication
    • Objects that fall
    • Corrosion
    • Metal exhaustion
    • Use of tools and machines incorrectly
    • Violations of Safety
    • Injuries in the Oilfield

    Every day, thousands of workers put in long hours on hundreds of oilfields across America, placing them at risk of occupational dangers. There are more accidents and deaths per 100,000 workers in the construction industry than in any other. If you were injured in any of the major accidents listed below, or any other accident while working in an oilfield, please contact our firm right away.

    Blowouts – 

    Although contemporary wells contain blowout preventers, an infrequent rush of oil may occur, resulting in severe damage or death due to tremendous pressure. The ignition of this pressurised oil by accident might be disastrous.

    Explosions –

    Blowouts result in an exploding rig. Depending on the amount of pressure released, whether any equipment is thrown during the process, and other factors, this could result in multiple injuries or deaths.

    High well pressure —

    If well pressure isn’t properly contained, it can blow through the dirt, hurling people and objects in its path and hurting or killing innocent employees.

    Defective equipment –

    From broken tongs and manufacturing problems to design flaws and corroded parts, poor equipment can easily keep workers from accomplishing their jobs, as well as cause death or injury.

    Drilling deep underground can result in contact with pipes that cameras can’t see or detect, resulting in poisonous gas exposure. Toxic exposure to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercury, silica, or naturally existing radioactive elements could result as a result of this (NORM).

    Electrocutions – 

    Electrocution can occur when underground wiring comes into touch with equipment that workers use daily. Wires might also snap and electrocute individuals nearby if nearby utility poles give way.

    Slip and fall injuries – 

    Oil is unquestionably slick, as you’ve surely seen in cartoons or movies. A fall on an oil spill poses a serious risk of damaging the back, neck, shattering bones, and possibly paralysis.

    Supervisors may direct new employees to use incorrect or old equipment to drill, lay pipe, secure pipe, or repair other elements of an oil rig because they are unaware or too busy to guide workers to utilize proper technology.  

    Operating machinery or equipment while inebriated – Workers may operate machinery while inebriated from drinking or using illegal drugs. When other workers are wounded as a result of the intoxicated person’s incompetence to operate huge machinery,

    Our oilfield explosion attorneys focus their efforts on determining the cause of your disaster, speaking with coworkers who may have witnessed the explosion, blowout, or act of carelessness, and discussing payment possibilities with your employer and their insurer.

    Accidents can lead to financial, emotional, and physical difficulties.

    The physical and mental consequences of being hurt while working on an oil or gas extraction operation can be severe. You may be left furious, dissatisfied, or even lost after a serious non-fatal injury, in addition to the pain, discomfort, and perhaps long-term damage. The huge sense of loss and sadness and despair experienced by the loved ones of workers who die as a result of their injuries cannot be overstated.

    The financial consequences of such mishaps add insult to injury. Many victims of oilfield accidents find that their employers are quick to reject responsibility and that insurance companies are unwilling to provide adequate coverage.

    If your employer and insurance company do not provide you with the compensation you require, you may be left with astronomical medical expenses and a significant loss of income due to your inability to work. If you are seriously injured and unable to return to work, you may find yourself without a stable source of income. If your injuries were caused by your employer’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for these significant losses.

    Things to do when you get injured in an oilfield accident

    If you are involved in a collision while working on an oilfield, try to remain calm and strategically handle the issue. To assist you to get through what could be a confusing and difficult time, consider the following suggestions:

    Take care of your medical issues right away. Any unexpected symptoms (e.g., discomfort, light-headedness, hazy thoughts) could be a warning of a significant internal injury, even if the accident appears mild.

    Make an effort to take thorough notes about what happened. Physically write down notes and snap images with a phone or camera if you are able. If something is disputed, the more information you can acquire and the more hard evidence you can present, the higher chance you’ll have of proving what happened.

    Contact a Houston oilfield injury attorney that specializes in these types of accidents before speaking with anybody else. For example, at the Houston accident law office, our understanding of the techniques used by the oil and gas industry in court allows us to carefully guide you through the process of seeking justice for your injuries.

    After speaking with a Houston oilfield accident lawyer, you may be encouraged to call the insurance company and complete all necessary reporting.

    When speaking with your employer, coworkers, insurance company, or others, avoid saying anything that could be seen as an admission of fault on your side. Your employer and the insurance company may use any means at their disposal to avoid their responsibilities.

    How can TX accidents help you with compensation and claims?

    Because companies in Houston are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance to their employees, injured workers may be entitled to compensation regardless of fault. Our oilfield burn injury attorneys are ready to assist you in obtaining these benefits or filing an appeal if your claim has been denied or devalued.

    Employers who retaliate against injured workers who file worker’s compensation claims may face legal consequences. If you suspect your employer has retaliated against you after you filed for compensation, speak with an experienced oilfield accident attorney Houston right away.

    Your oilfield accident may give rise to personal injury claims. If you can show that you were hurt due to the negligence of a contractor or other non-employee third party, our oilfield injury lawyers in the TX accident are ready to investigate the incident and see if a third-party lawsuit is a viable option.

    Were your injuries caused by faulty equipment? It may be feasible to hold the manufacturer liable for delivering substandard equipment for use in drilling, pipe construction, and other oilfield jobs. Did your boss create an environment where you were exposed to unwarranted risks that resulted in injury? We can work together to hold them accountable for failing to consider your safety.

    If you haven’t filed your injury claim yet, keep in mind that personal injury claims in Texas have a two-year time restriction. Wrongful death lawsuits must be filed immediately after the death of your loved one.

    Texas accident law firm can help you find an experienced Houston oilfield injury lawyer.

    We help victims of all types of workplace accidents get the compensation and justice they deserve at a texas accident law firm in Houston. We draw on our vast experience of more than 14 years to provide the highest level of service to our clients. 

    We’ll not only fight for your rights in court, but we’ll also walk you through the lawsuit process and make sure you understand all of your rights and responsibilities as a victim and a U.S. citizen.

    If you or someone you care about has been hurt or died as a result of an oil or gas extraction accident, don’t let those responsible leave you in the dark; it’s time to hold negligent employers accountable.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in an oilfield accident, call our Houston accident attorney at (713) 518-1711 for a free consultation.

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